In January 2018 I led a retreat on the theme of darkness at the wonderful Othona Community in Dorset. The Warden, Tony Jaques wrote this lovely hymn in response. You can sing it to the tune of ‘There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy’ (J.L.Steiner “Gott will’s machen”)

There’s a Darkness in Creation

There’s a darkness in creation
Like the darkness of the womb
Full of promise and potential
Not the haunt of fear and gloom
Though so many myths and stories
Sing the praises of white and light
We depend for health and wisdom
On the respite of the night
When God parted light from darkness
Neither one was worst or best
Let us treasure shade and shadow
Black, brown, indigo – all are blessed
In the yin and yang of living
Few decisions are black and white
Spirit of both dawn and darkness
Help us love and serve what’s right

(c) Tony Jaques 2018 (Othona Community)